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Budget Hotels in Sicily

Sicily is a self-governing region in Italy. It is the largest region of Italy covering an area of ​​about 25,708 square kilometers. It is also the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily has its own beautiful culture in regards to arts, cuisine, architecture and the language.

Sicily is an ecstatic place to visit because of its natural beauty. Tourism contributes a lot to the economy of Sicily. So, are you planning a vacation with your family? If so, then Sicily is a great place to visit at any time during the year. There are numerous hotels in Sicily that can suit you and are under your budget.

Some of the budget hotels in Sicily are:

1. Hotel Ariston

This hotel is located in the city center between Teatro Massimo square and Politeama square, two of the best squares in Palermo, Sicily. This hotel is easily reachable from the motorway and is also within a short walking distance from the historic center. If you are a businessman, you would surely enjoy this hotel because of its key position.

2. Hotel Liberta

This hotel is a true retreat to the 10 degree floor in the full center in the Palermo. All rooms come with private services, direct telephone, air conditioner and television satellite. This is a fun and cheap hotel for people of all age groups.

3. Ai Cavalieri Hotel

This magnificent hotel was built in 1900 and was renovated in the year 2004. This hotel has 4 floors and offers 39 rooms beautiful rooms. There is a special TV room in the hotel.

4. Hotel Riviera

This hotel with stunning beauty is situated in the charming gulf of Castellammare. If you are looking to enjoy relaxing and peaceful holidays then this place is an absolute heaven for you. The best features of this hotel include an elegant bar and a superb area with deck chairs and umbrellas.

5. Cala Rossa Hotel

This beautiful hotel is surrounded by splendid gardens and has over 68 rooms spread over 3 floors. It offers some great facilities like 24-hour reception, lifts and a TV room. Breakfast in this hotel may be selected from a buffet system whereas lunch and dinner may be selected from the menu. A number of beaches and various bars are located within 2 kilometers distance from the hotel.

These are some of the best budget hotels in Sicily that might really suit you according to your needs without spending much. So do not forget to experience a stay in these budget hotels in Sicily!

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