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Exploring Milan's Classical Music Scene

After a day of visiting galleries, shopping, and an exclusive dinner at one of the city's renovated Michelin starred restaurants, why not venture a little further from your Milan center hotel for a touch of classical entertainment? Milan boasts a plethora of world-class opera homes and theaters, many of which have seasonal seasonal programs, so you can see something new every time you visit. With some well-respected orchestras and world-renovated cities, Milan is guaranteed to offer you a reason to don your Manolos and Cavalli and have the car drop you at the entrance to any of these stunning theaters.

La Scala Opera Theater – Just a short hop away from any of the high-end Milan center hotels is the beautiful La Scala Opera Theater, hosting a mixed program of ballet, orchestral, and operational performances. La Scala Opera Theater was built on the site of the church of Santa Maria della Scala and originally sat over 3,000. It has been in operation since 1778, even surviving extensive bomb damage during WWII. It closed in the winter of 2001 for renovations designed by Mario Botta, and re-opened in 2004 to great acclaim for the improvement in sound quality. La Scala has seen some of the most important productions in the world grace its stage in the 233 years since it first opened its doors, including the premieres of Un Giorno di Regno (1840), Madame Butterfly (1904), and, most recently, Teneke (2007). It is currently home to the La Scala Theater Chorus, La Scala Theater Ballet, and the La Scala Theater Orchestra.

The Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi – Located a quick car ride south-west of the city center, the Auditorium di Milano Fondazione Cariplo is the home of the La Verdi, Milan's orchestra. It is not as old as the La Scala, or even some of the Milan center hotels, only being founded in 1993 and becoming the home of La Verdi in 1998. But over this short span it has managed to quickly become one of the cultural hotspots of Milan. With its season tickets and monthly programs, there is nothing like a bit of high-class culture at the La Verdi to top off a trip to one of the most culturally elite cities in the world.

The Teatro Dal Verme – If you have had your fill of nights out and large orchestral productions, then ask your Milan center hotel concierge to book tickets to the smaller, more intimate Teatro Dal Verme. This theater opened with seating for 3,000 in 1872, and enjoyed success almost on par with the La Scala, however it sustained heavy damage during the war. Major renovations to the building were completed in 2001, which saw the Great Hall's capacity reduced to 1,420 seats, and added another small performance room with seating for just 200. It now hosts the symphonic seasons of 'The Orchestra Musical Afternoons' and a range of theatrical events. It is a great way to spend an elegant and relaxing afternoon in Milan.

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