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Fun for Families in Rome: Do not Miss These Highlights

When you head to Rome on your family holiday, there are plenty of fun attractions to every member of your group busy. Fiumicino airport transfers are easy to arrange and will get you into the city quickly; once you've booked into your hotel you can get out to begin exploring.

Explore with a child's eyes

One place you may want to visit is the Explora Museum – 'Explora, il Museo dei Bambini di Roma'. This is a great attraction for youngsters, and you'll enjoy it as well. There are plenty of hands-on exhibits to enjoy, and the kids will love working their way through the museum and learning as they go. It focuses on science, society and the environment in a fun way. It's most suitable for children younger than seven or eight, although older kids may still enjoy it.

Then there's Teatro Verde, a puppet theater in the Trastevere area of ​​the city. The plays that are put on here are in Italian, but it is still a fun attraction for children to enjoy – it transcends language. You can even arrange a tour behind the scenes before the show if you want.

Bioparco is the main zoo in Rome, and it is well worth spending a few hours once you've settled in after arriving on one of the many Fiumicino airport transfers available. As well as having a huge range of animal species to discover, it is also the ideal place to learn about animal conservation and the environment. It is very easy to reach with its location in the city center.

Villa Borghese is the main park in Rome, and you should definitely spend a few hours here if you have a sunny afternoon free. Fiumicino airport transfers will take you right into the heart of the city when you arrive, so you may even pass by the park, which is located near to the Piazza del Popolo. It has nearly 150 acres of space to explore, and you can rent a bike or hire a pedal boat to go on the lake. There's even a mini train to go for a ride.

The Fantastic World of Fantasy, or 'Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico', is a theme park located just outside of the city, and you can easily reach it by taking a bus or the metro. It is focused on fictional characters like Batman and Aladdin, and actors bring the experience to life.

You can enjoy all of these attractions and more when you visit Rome. There really is plenty to see here, so as soon as you've arrived on one of the comfortable Fiumicino airport transfers available, try to get out and explore. While you're in the city, make sure you visit some of the world-famous attractions like the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel as well. Although not specifically aimed at children, they will still provide a memorable experience for them.

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