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Milan – Marvelous Museums and Artful Galleries

Not far from the doorsteps of any Milan center hotel, you will find an art gallery or famous museum. Italian art and history come alive in various institutions across the city. Historical documents, famous art works and items from the city's past are on display.

The Duomo and Other Homes of Great Art and History

The magnificent marble cathedral (Duomo) of Milan is within walking distance of many a Milan center hotel. Home to more than 200 marble sculptures as well as various historical documents, the cathedral represent the best of older Milan. Its Gothic, Medieval and Renaissance art work contrasts that which is found in the Contemporary Art Museum. In the latter, works include paintings by De Chirico, Giorgio Morandi and Carlo Carra.

Not to be forgotten is the Brera Pinacoteca, with its collection of major works by Bellini, Mantegna, Piero della Francesca and Raphael. The Castello Sforzesco (15th to 19th-century), also houses a museum of art. The Pinacoteca boasts over 1,508 paintings, of which only 230 are on display. Among the artists are Mantegna, Antonello da Messina, Procaccini, Benedetto Bembo and G. Battista Tiepolo. For further artwork within the castle's walls, go down to the Ducal to visit the ground floor of the Ducal Courtyard.

The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (1465-90) is home to the world-famous fresco by Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper. The Poldi Pezzoli Museum displays paintings by Boticelli, Pollaiuolo, Mantegna, and Piero della Francesca. The Palazzo dell'Ambrosiana (1618) houses an art gallery, the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, containing paintings from Italian and Flemish masters of the 15th and 16th century as well as those of later artists. Among the noteworthy artifacts are Titian's Adoration of the Magi, Caravaggio's Fruit Basket, Boticelli's Madonna del Padiglione, and the School of Athens, a cartoon by Raphael for the Vatican's famous fresco of the same name.

Marvellous Museums

If you wish to visit a museum, consult a tourist bureau or the desk at your Milan center hotel. In all probability among the most common suggestions will be Teatro alla Scala Museum. You can tour the Theater Museum then attend a performance. Since 1913, the museum has provided visitors with a detailed and fascinating history of the Teatro alla Scala. Here, you can view various theatrical memorabilia including posters, statues, set designs, instruments, paintings and even original musical scores. One portion of the museum pays homage to the great Italian composer, Giuseppe Verdi.

For those who fascinated by the world of Leonardo da Vinci, the ideal answer is the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology, in the 16th century Olivetan Monastery of San Vittore. The museum is one of the top collectors of science and technology artifacts and exhibits. It dedicates itself to the advancement of science from the 15th century to the present day. Inside are models of many of Leonardo's inventions and machine works. Other exhibits illustrate features of the history of astronomy, metallurgy, casting, optics, acoustics, physics and telecommunications. In addition, the museum has a collection of early automobiles. Outside, in a pavilion on Via Olona, ​​are various airplanes, ship remains and trains.

The Castello Sforzesco also boasts a museum. It combines art and artifacts, crossing the lines between history of the castle and the story of art and religion in Milan. For those interested in military matters, the Sal delle Armi (Arms Room) or Sala Verde (Green Room) provides a treasure trove of side arms, medieval helmets and sabers. Among the weapons of note is the parcel saber of Austrian general Count Radetsky.

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