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The Best Family Attractions in Rome

You could not be blamed for looking forward to the prospect of staying at a wonderful Rome design hotel with your family. You'll be excited about the prospect of wonderful cuisine, delicious gelato and exploring the historic center of this ancient city, and you're no doubt planning to enjoy some quality family time in the charming Italian cafés and wandering around the tourist sites. If you're really keen to make the most of your holidays make a start by visiting the attractions listed below.

Villa Borghese

In Rome, design hotel accommodation will place you in the center of the action, so to speak. If it's a fine day (which it invariably is in summer) and the sun is shining, you may be tempted to take a walk through the picturesque park of Villa Borghese. You'll be able to see the monuments created in honor of the Medici family. You may cast a coin into one of the flowing fountains and wish for your children's happiness for the duration of your stay in Italy and beyond. Younger members of the family will love exploring the stunning botanical gardens.

Teatro Verde

If you're keen to teach your children about Italian culture you should definitely visit the Teatro Verde. While here you'll have the opportunity to watch a variety of dances and musical performances. It might even possible to enjoy one of the humorous puppet shows.

Explora Museum

After a leisurely walk through the Villa Borghese you might like to give your children the opportunity to explore this fascinating museum. They'll be able to view a variety of interesting exhibits, designed to provide an insight into the various aspects of life. They can also learn something of the history of film and television and the museum staff hold informative talks on the importance of protecting the environment. Adults may end up learning as much as the children.

The Spanish Steps

While you'll certainly enjoy splendid city views from your Rome design hotel, those truly fascinated by the architecture and Italian street layout are encouraged to visit the Spanish steps. Climb up to the top of the great staircase and enjoy views across the Spanish Square, which is usually crowded with tourists and locals. You'll gain a true understanding of why Italy's most famous artists were inspired to create paintings of this area.

Villa Ada

Depending on how long you have to spend in Rome, design hotel staff may recommend you to visit the popular Villa Ada. This picturesque park is extremely popular with local families and tourists alike. You can enjoy midday paddles in the lake and walks along the fabulous nature trails. Those who are able to stay into the evening may have the chance to watch firework displays and music concerts. Popular musical groups such as the Kings of Convenience and the Skatellites have entertained the crowds in recent times.

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