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Panama City

Panama City , also known as Ciudad de Panama in Spanish, is the largest city in Panama and also the capital of the country. To many it is the face of this wonderful country that has a rich and long history and has invested well in its present and its future. It is the center of all political, economic and administrative activities in the country and is known for its magnificent skyline of high rise buildings.

International Living Magazine has declared Panama to be among the Top 5 places where people would love to live after they retire. And this does not include only this year but in fact the last eight years. This speaks volumes about the manner in which the country is developing and attracting people from all across the world. It is thus, not surprising that visitors and locals alike are investing well in the real estate in the country.

If you take an international flight to Panama it will arrive at the Tocumen International Airport at the capital of the country. So your first glimpse of the country will be at its capital. Visitors find the city to be well developed and are thrilled to find that it offers excellent communication centers that seem to bring the world closer to Panama.

If you look at the map of Panama you will find Panama City located on the Pacific Coast. The best time to visit the country is from December to May. The rest of the year is considered the wet season and hence, often avoided by visitors. However, if you plan to come during the off season you will find flight and hotel costs to be much lower than the peak season. Also during the rainy season the verdant natural resources cast a special spell on your experience of the country.

What to see
The capital of the country has much to offer its visitors. In fact there is so much to see and discover that your stay in Panama City would need to be long. Panama La Vieja or Old Panama should be on your list of places you must visit. Casco Antigua is a World Heritage Site and a treasure for visitors to discover. It is a fine example of the cultural diversity that makes the country so special. This diversity is seen clearly in the many architectural styles here. This part of the city is being redeveloped together by the government and the people. Other spots of attraction include:
– Teatro Nacional
– Las Bovedas or literally The Vaults, an esplanade that extends out onto the Pacific Ocean.
– Plaza de la Catedral
– Museo del Canal Interoceanico or the Interoceanic Canal Museum
– The presidential palace or the Palacio de las Garzas, the Heron's Palace

Panama City in Latin America, offers a terrific range of multi cultural restaurants which are a delight to explore. You may want to try some of the restaurants located close to the Embassy of France. There are a number of tourist attractions still being developed in the city and will add to its attraction and charm.

Source by Jose Zolinski

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