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Venice – The Magic of a Wonderful Location

Venice, the magic city, the city built on the water, the city in which rules and paces of normal modern life don’t apply. Venice rises on an archipelago of 118 islands and small islands, crossed by 150 channels and linked by more than 400 bridges. A real world on its own, completely detached from the rest of the world.

Venice is since always one of the world’s most visited and admired places both from international and national tourism. At least once in a lifetime, a trip to Venice is obligatory. Here things to see, monuments, and historical palaces never lack. In this magic city every corner is a real piece of history, here as nowhere else the feeling that the splendors of a past era come to life again is more than everywhere else present at every corner. Starting from the numerous palaces belonged to nobles and rich Venetian people, as for example the Ca’ D’ora, considered the most particular example of Venetian Gothic style, or Ca’ Rezzonico, a sumptuous patrician residence, started by Longhena for Bartolomeo Bon in 1667, then left undone and later on brought to a close for the Rezzonico family.

But we can’t forget very important monuments such as Saint Mark’s square, Doge’s Palace, the Saint Mark’s Basilica, the famous Torre dell’Orologio (St Mark’s Clock). And also the numerous “campi” as Venice’s squares are called, the beautiful churches and basilicas, as the Basilica Dei Frari or the church of San Simeone Piccolo (also called San Simeone e Giuda) that overlooks on the Gran Canal. But Venice is exactly a city built on the water, on the lagoon, so one thing that never lacks is bridges, as for example the Rialto Bridge, the Academia Bridge, Ponte degli Scalzi (Barefoot Bridge), or the Guglie Bridge.

But Venice is not just this. Every year many artistic, cultural, musical events are organized in this magic city. We should just recall the famous Art Biennial that for beyond 110 years has been in the forefront in the promotion on new art trends, and it organizes a lot of events in various art disciplines.

Or also the Venice Film Festival that every year gathers the most famous movie personalities and the most beautiful movies of the movie scene. But there are also many other events, as Peggy Guggenheim museum collections that this year, from 19th February to 31st December gathers numerous paintings of the major futuristic artists.

Or also the beautiful Depero’s exhibition, organized by the famous Correr museum to celebrate with beyond 80 paintings this great master. A lot of paintings, at the end of the exhibition, will be left at the Venice City Museums with a long-term deposit at Ca’ Pesaro. But this is not enough; this year from February to April in Venice there will be also the 40th International Theatre Festival, always part of that big cultural container that is the Venice Biennial. The main central theme will be the Mediterranean Sea, or in Latin “mare nostrum” (our sea), a crossover of culture, influences and magic from which the theatre has always been taking inspirations and roots. Artistic cross-fertilization and renewal are the guidelines of this next Festival branded Venice Art Biennial.

In program there are also numerous concerts and lyric Operas, we don’t have to forget that Venice is house of the Gran Teatro La Fenice, which lyric and ballet concert season a lot of countries in the world envy us. In conclusion, this is a city rich in charm and surprises that will fascinate you and will bewitch you during every period of the year with its beauty and its memorable events.

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