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Music in Panama

Panama has a rich musical history, so the locals take their music very seriously. The city has invested in a number of world class events, and private industry has filled in the gaps. Depending on one's music tastes, music in Panama can be heard on a daily basis. Venues for music in Panama range from large convention centers like Figali and Atlapa to hole in the wall music joints like Unplugged or Pavo Real.

The Teatro Nacional of Panama, or National Theater was designed by Genaro Ruggieri and inaugurated in 1908. It is under the jurisdiction of the National Institute of art and culture, and is considered a national heirloom. Situated in the heart of Casco Viejo, the Teatro nacional is a gem of a building, and should be visited to appreciate the aesthetics alone. Most notable in the striking façade is the towering columns that run the length of the building. The interior is just as ornate, making it by far the most beautiful location in Panama to hear music. Other music venues in Panama Teatro Ayanasi and the teatro Anita Villialaz, both converted government buildings. Acoustics are excellent in the Teatro Nacional, however leave a bit to be desired at Ayanasi.

The Figali Convention Center in Panama is the largest venue for music in Panama, and claims a capacity of 10,000 people. They host a number of events throughout the year, including concerts by world famous musicians such as Mana, Sean Paul, and Hillary Duff. Future acts include Yanni and The Police. The acoustics are a bit spotty in the Figali, so do not go expecting to hear a pin drop.

Bars and clubs in Panama are also a good place to hear music. Bars in Panama like La Platea and Casa Gongora are both good places to hear an impromptu jazz show. For rock and more mainstream music, bars such as unplugged and Pavo Real are safe bets for live music in Panama. The more bohemian crowds frequents La Casona, a unique combination of art gallery / bar.

Electronic music in Panama is also a staple, and several clubs in the Calle Uruguay and Amador causeway areas often spin world class techno music. For Salsa music in Panama, the locals tend to frequent La Guaracha and Bohío Florencia where there is always a lively crowd.

All told, Panama is a great place to find live music any night of the week. Panama music can be found in a number of places across the city. Wither its at a trendy nightclub, a dive bar, or a world famous convention center- there is something for everyone when it comes to music in Panama.

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