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View Argentina Popular Tourist Destinations – Argentina Travel & Sights

South America is a topographically diverse continent and Argentina is a country located in it. Argentina is regarded as the land of extremes due to severe contrasts between its parts. Argentina offers different experiences especially for the ones who are in search of adventure. For example, apart from its famous attractions, the wine regions of the country also very popular tourist destinations.

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and it is usually called as "Paris of South America". Bariloche, Mendoza, Cordoba, Ushuaia and Mar del Plata, Rosario are also popular cities of Argentina as a travel destination. Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan and elegant city. There is the smell of passion and this is the passion of tango. Also, Buenos Aires' architecture is attractive.There is a lot to see in the city. This city, is divided into 48 neighborhoods and each of them has its own attractiveness. La Boca, San Telmo, Recoleta, Palermo and Puerto Madero are the popular ones. Among the attractions there are; Teatro Colón, Museo de la Policia Federal, Planetarium, Plaza de Mayo, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes etc. Here, La Boca, home of the tango and is a mustsee place. It owns many tango clubs. San Telmo, with its tango shows is also popular. In Buenos Aires world-class soccer games are very essential as it is popular all around the world. Here, having a steak which is regarded as the best beef in the world, is highly recommended.

Bariloche is a city surrounded by forests and lakes. The mountain Cerro Catedral and Cerro Chapelco are popular for winter sports. The city becomes a major destination for outdoor sports in summer. It offers museums and historic places, too. Ushuaia, offers a variety of opportunities with its amazing environment. The tourist attractions include the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the Museo del Fin del Mundo, the Maritime Museum etc. Nature lovers are advised to take tours on Beagle Channel. Another city, Tandil, is famous for the intense Piedra Movediza. Also, The Independencia Park, the Tigre Mountain Range and El Centinela are attractions in Tandil. Mar del Plata is Argentina's premiere beach resort. Mendoza and San Juan are cities well known for extensive and high quality wine production.

Among the popular attractions and sights in Argentina there are; Iguazu Waterfalls, Patagonia, El Valle De La Luna, El Calafate, Catamarca, The Glaciers National Park, Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdéz, The Pampas Grasslands, Andes Mountains, Chaco National Park, San Rafael Lagoon National Park, Quilmes and much more.

The contrasts of Argentina make all kinds of activities available. Anyone visiting the country will find something to do for himself / herself. It is not surprising that this country is a popular travel destination. Here, climbing, hiking, mountain bike, skiing and trekking are available whereas Argentine beaches are for watersport lovers. Argentina, with its fantastic nature and fauna calls nature lovers. There are sea lions, seals, penguins, dolphins, orcas, Chilean Flamingo, rare birds and many kinds of animals.

The Mate is the national drink of Argentina. Football has too much importance in the country.

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