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How to Learn Spanish Online and Learn Spanish Vocabulary Words

If you are learning Spanish online or off-line then you know it is important to learn Spanish vocabulary words. This Spanish lesson will help you learn Spanish online while learning some new Spanish words.

1. De golpe: de manera inesperada (in an unexpected manner).

Ella parecio en mi puerta de golpe.
She unexpectedly appeared at my door.

2. De repente: de golpe, de manera inesperada (in an unexpected manner)

De repente el perro salio corriendo y despues vi que seguia a un gato.
Unexpectedly, the dog left running and then I saw him going after a cat.

3. Ajetreo: Trabajo muy intenso o actividad muy intensa (very intense work or an very intense activity). Hustle and bustle.

Llamame mas tarde porque hay mucho ajetreo en la oficina.
Call me later because there's a lot of intense work in the office.

By the way, in Medellin, Colombia, "ajetreo" also means "sexo."

Cuando entre estaban en pleno ajetreo.
When I entered they were in the middle of sex.

You may also want to note that I have never heard anyone outside of Medellin, Colombia, use the word "ajetreo" to mean "sexo."

If you have never heard the above phrase "en pleno (a)," "en pleno (a)" means "en el centro, en el medio de una accion" (in the middle of an action). "En pleno" is a phrase that is used throughout Latin America.

En plena representacion de la obra de teatro el actor olvido algunas de sus lineas.
In the middle of the play's performance, the actor forgot some of his lines.

That's it for today.

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