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Argentina Tourism

Argentina is located in South America and is a popular tourist destination. The official language of Argentina is Spanish. The main tourist attraction here is the capital city Buenos Aires, a center of culture and commerce. Is it one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in the world and a shoppers? paradise.

The Cathedral Metropolitana is a major attraction that contains the remains of San Martin, Argentina? S liberator. The famous Teatro Colon is the largest opera house in the world. Other tourist attractions are the Isaac Fernandez Blanco Museum of Spanish-American art, the Ambrosetti Museum, the Museum of Colonial History, San Telmo? S flea market and the old artists? quarter of La Boca, home of the tango. The Jesuit Iglesia San Ignacio is the oldest church in the city. The open areas of Buenos Aires? are a sequence of parks along the River Plate.

The Neo-gothic Basilica Nuestra Senora de Lujan is an important devotional site in Argentina. Tucuman, an Andean province, is known for its green valleys surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Catamarca is famous for hiking, trekking and horseback riding tours to the surrounding mountains. You can enjoy rafting, mountaineering, trekking and other adventure activities in Cuyo, an arid mountainous region. The best wines are produced here and the region is famous for its grape harvest festivals. The scenic peaks of south of La Plata attract many hikers and climbers. The Pampas are the flat plains which are located in the heart of the country. The Iguazu Falls is one of the most impressive natural beauties of Argentina.

The magnificent seaside resorts also attract the tourists. A number of restaurants are available with all facilities. The Argentina Airline websites provide information on flight schedules, discounted airfares and other relevant details.

You can opt for a self-guided Argentina tour or a guided tour. Free tour brochures are available from tour operators. Web directories give detailed information regarding tourism in Argentina.

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