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Things to Do in Cuba

There have been remarkable changes in the private spaces of Cuba thereby allowing one to explore the hidden treasures of the country. For tourists, there are now fast growing resorts as well as renovated hotels all across the country. Its famous city – Havana brags an old town that features the UNESCO's world Heritage List. Below are some of the must-visit places in Cuba:

– "Pinar del Rio and the West" is also perfect for travelers who are looking for a tourist spot to enjoy their vacation. Pinar del Rio is the most beautiful province in Cuba. There are amazing and outstanding features such as the rounded limestone mountain that is covered with vegetation.

– Cueva Del Indio is also worth a visit because it boasts of stalagmites and stalactites and one more surprising thing about this cave is its underground rivers.

– Cienfuego is a wealthy modern city that is built around a fine harbor located at the foot of Escambray Mountains. The main tourist spots here are the Paraque Jose Marti as well as cathedral and Teatro Tomas Terry and Castillo de Jagua and Palcio de Valle. All are close to the harbor area where you will see the most amazing architectural styles influenced by Moorish.

Aside from all the beautiful places to go and visit in Cuba, there are also lots of things that can be done here while you are in your relaxing vacation. You may enjoy and engage in the Cuba's water sport activities. They offer travelers a great diving and snorkeling experience and you may also try their boat tour to the reef and do wind surfing and fishing. Trekking and horse back riding are also available here. In fact, these activities are one of the most popular things to be done by tourists and travelers who are looking for an adventure tour around the area of ​​Cuba. So what are you waiting for? Cuba waits for your visit. Pack up and have a vacation in Cuba.

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