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Things to Do in San Jose, The Capital of Costa Rica

When visiting San Jose, Costa Rica, there is such a vast number of attractions and sights, it would be nearly impossible to visit all of them in a vacation trip. There are more than a few that you definitely would not want to miss.

The National Theater (Teatro Nacional), constructed in the 1890's, is considered the most impressive building in San Jose. It was funded by a coffee tax imposed by the coffee barons during that time period. It has a three-tiered auditorium, for musical and dance performances, and also displays artwork by many European artists. The building also has an opulent pink marble foyer that lures many visitors.

If you are a nature lover, you do not want to miss the Spirogyra Butterfly Garden, located in the heart of the city. This butterfly habitat houses over 50 different species of butterflies. While observing the butterflies, visitors are educated on how the native plants help in the survival and reproduction of these butterflies, as well as the butterfly's effect on the environment. There is also a coffee and gift shop for visitors to enjoy.

If you have the time, and are willing to travel a little outside of the capital, the La Paz Waterfall is an amazing experience. Walking paths take you around five different beautiful waterfalls that are surrounded by tropical plants and wildlife. The world's largest butterfly observatory is also located here, as well as a hummingbird sanctuary where visitors can experience these birds close up as they eat food right out of their hands.

One of the world's ten most active volcanoes is also only about an hour outside of San Jose. The last massive eruption of this volcano occurred in 1968, and if the weather is cooperating you may be able to catch a glimpse of the minor eruptions that occurs. For an ultimate experience, you want to schedule a night time viewing of the volcano, where the flowing red lava will be more visible.

Coffee farms are also an interesting way to spend a day. One of the top coffee's in San Jose, Cafe 'Britt Farm offers a tour where you can see all phases of coffee production, and even have a tasting.

A trip to San Jose will certainly be a fun filled adventure, but would not be complete without a visit to these places.

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