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How to Learn Spanish Online and Learn Spanish Vocabulary Words

If you are learning Spanish online or off-line then you know it is important to learn Spanish vocabulary words. This Spanish lesson will help you learn Spanish online while learning some new Spanish words. 1. De golpe: de manera inesperada (in an unexpected manner). Ella parecio en mi puerta de …

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How to Learn The Past Tense in Spanish – Learning The Spanish Preterit Tense

If you want to learn the past tense in Spanish or if you want to learn the Spanish preterit tense, this is a lesson that you must read. The Past Tense that is called: Pretérito Indefinido or Pretérito Perfecto Simple (PPS), is a tense used to tell things that have …

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What Does It Mean When He Says You Are Special! Learn the True and Real Meaning Behind This

Being told that you’re special is a breathtaking experience more so when the one who said it is your most cherished man. There are, however, many different meanings to just one word so the word special could mean a hundred different things to different people. You’re special because you’re the …

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