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Opera – Dario Argento

Italian horror master Argento's Opera is loosely based on The Phantom of the Opera. It's set in the 'Teatro Regio' in Parma, Italy, during the performance of Verdi's Macbeth. The opera is known to bring bad luck and the production of the film was indeed plagued by misfortunes, such as …

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Visit the Birthplace of Italian Opera

When we think of the word Opera many of us think about Italy and operas in Italian. Italian opera is a mixture of the beautiful language and the history of the Italian people. Opera originates in Italy and still today it inspires people to learn the language, history and the …

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Top 5 Opera Experiences

Opera is a beautiful language that speaks to our hearts through musical and dramatic performances. Immerse yourself in the epitome of cultural bliss during your luxury travel. Here are our pick of the top five opera experiences around the world: 1. The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City Visit …

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Five Major Opera Houses For Your Italy Vacation

Italy is famous for its treasure in fascinating people from around the globe. Part of the rich culture and historic sites that entice tourists, an Italy vacation must always include a visit to Italy's Opera houses which are significant artifacts of the country's expression of its rich culture. Here are …

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A Brief History of the La Scala Opera House

Known in Italian as Teatro alla Scala , the opera house in Milan – an industrial city in Northern Italy often compared to Chicago – is the Mecca of the art form for performers and opera lovers the world over. Aspiring singers who want to "make it" in the world …

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