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How to Learn Spanish Online and Learn Spanish Vocabulary Words

If you are learning Spanish online or off-line then you know it is important to learn Spanish vocabulary words. This Spanish lesson will help you learn Spanish online while learning some new Spanish words. 1. De golpe: de manera inesperada (in an unexpected manner). Ella parecio en mi puerta de …

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Spanish Fiestas and Festivals

Spanish Festivals and Fiestas are a celebration of what it means to be a Spaniard to be a part of and to share a common National and Local History and Culture … so with that said let's explore that take place through this colorful country. January The year of Spanish …

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Five Mixed Poems, with Notes [now is Spanish and English]

1. Night in Jamaica [Peruvianism: 1810] It was a rainy night they say When don Simon Bolivar Slept in the arms of beautiful –Luisa Crober (of Jamaica); thus an Assassin missed his mark When he stabbed Major Amestoy Sleeping in the dark In Bolivar’s hammock!… #719 6/7/05 2. Sacred Something …

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In the Mountans of Haiti [A Poem: in English and Spanish]

In the Mountains of Haiti (In the City) –July is a hot month–sweating Poverty out on every street (In Port de Prince); mixing Memory with desire causes stirring. Not much rain in Haiti (in 1986); Summer kept us busy, building A medical clinic, in the mountains…. (In the Mountains) –A …

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How to Learn The Past Tense in Spanish – Learning The Spanish Preterit Tense

If you want to learn the past tense in Spanish or if you want to learn the Spanish preterit tense, this is a lesson that you must read. The Past Tense that is called: Pretérito Indefinido or Pretérito Perfecto Simple (PPS), is a tense used to tell things that have …

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Vicenza in April [and the: Teatro Olimpico] Now in Spanish and English

I was sitting in the US Military compound in Vicenza, Italy assigned to a nuclear site nearby, it was apparently built during WWII, I presume so, it looked much before my time anyhow, larger bricks than normal, than contemporary that is, old mortar in-between them. At first I took a …

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