• Otello

    Otello Teatro Elfo Puccini – Milano fino al 6 novembre In prima nazionale la nuova produzione del Teatro …

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  • Rosso

  • Grease

  • Per strada

  • L’uomo che amava le donne

Il segreto della vita


Il Marchese del Grillo

Figli di un dio minore


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The Delights of Italy

Italy's development and history is as colorful and varied as its cuisine. Over time, Italy has made significant contributions to the cultural and social development of the entire Mediterranean area. Italy is located in southern Europe and combines the long, boot-shaped Italian Peninsula, the land between the peninsula and the …

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Wedding Fashion '09

It's that time of year again when the wedding invitations start to drop through the letterbox. The first thought to pop into your mind is 'What on earth am I going to wear?'. Of course, everyone will be looking at the blushing bride and focusing on her apparel, but you …

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How to Learn Spanish Online and Learn Spanish Vocabulary Words

If you are learning Spanish online or off-line then you know it is important to learn Spanish vocabulary words. This Spanish lesson will help you learn Spanish online while learning some new Spanish words. 1. De golpe: de manera inesperada (in an unexpected manner). Ella parecio en mi puerta de …

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