• Otello

    Otello Teatro Elfo Puccini – Milano fino al 6 novembre In prima nazionale la nuova produzione del Teatro …

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  • Rosso

  • Grease

  • Per strada

  • L’uomo che amava le donne

Il segreto della vita


Il Marchese del Grillo

Figli di un dio minore


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Find the Best Night Life in Morocco

If you are looking for a holiday full of great nights out and plenty of partying then do not look past Marrakech, Morocco. By day you'll have plenty to do; go shopping for bargains in local markets and sample local delicacies or simply sit on the roof top sundeck soaking …

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Pura Vida! Visiting Costa Rica's National Parks

When a survey last year asked the British public for their ideas for a national motto, the responses were typically British in their irony and wit. Suggestions such as' Unity in individuality ',' Smile! You're on CCTV 'and' Must not Grumble 'were just some of the phrases that the public …

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Five Mixed Poems, with Notes [now is Spanish and English]

1. Night in Jamaica [Peruvianism: 1810] It was a rainy night they say When don Simon Bolivar Slept in the arms of beautiful –Luisa Crober (of Jamaica); thus an Assassin missed his mark When he stabbed Major Amestoy Sleeping in the dark In Bolivar’s hammock!… #719 6/7/05 2. Sacred Something …

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