• Otello

    Otello Teatro Elfo Puccini – Milano fino al 6 novembre In prima nazionale la nuova produzione del Teatro …

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  • Rosso

  • Grease

  • Per strada

  • L’uomo che amava le donne

Il segreto della vita


Il Marchese del Grillo

Figli di un dio minore


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Music in Panama

Panama has a rich musical history, so the locals take their music very seriously. The city has invested in a number of world class events, and private industry has filled in the gaps. Depending on one's music tastes, music in Panama can be heard on a daily basis. Venues for …

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Vicenza in April [and the: Teatro Olimpico] Now in Spanish and English

I was sitting in the US Military compound in Vicenza, Italy assigned to a nuclear site nearby, it was apparently built during WWII, I presume so, it looked much before my time anyhow, larger bricks than normal, than contemporary that is, old mortar in-between them. At first I took a …

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Five Major Opera Houses For Your Italy Vacation

Italy is famous for its treasure in fascinating people from around the globe. Part of the rich culture and historic sites that entice tourists, an Italy vacation must always include a visit to Italy's Opera houses which are significant artifacts of the country's expression of its rich culture. Here are …

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